Coming soon…

This ProPhoto site is under construction.  Check back soon, great things are on their way!


“Welcome, thank you for visiting us as La Fontana Studios. The web site is currently under reconstruction and updated content will be commissioned in the following months. However, I am trying to commit as much time and effort as possible into this endeavour whilst undertaking new photographic projects and assignments. It goes without saying you’ll be aware, that it takes a considerable amount of time just to make sure everything works as it should and of course there are financial considerations and restrictions. I appreciate all of your encouraging support and kind words in the meantime. La Fontana will always be about you! first and foremost. It is about capturing the moment the essence of individuality, timelessness and the pure aesthetic beauty that is portrait photography.”

                                                                                                                                     “Without you, there is no inspiration just a camera and a photographer and just about anyone can be a photographer.”